There’s a story about a guy who spends two hours each day in the gym working out in order to build up his muscles. He’s serious about what he does, because his goal is to be one of the strongest men out there. He likes to enter strong man competitions. He can bench over 1000 pounds. He’s freakishly big and probably could beat the living daylights out of any man who tried to challenge him physically. He’s a force of nature. A real beast. There’s just one teeny problem, and we do mean teeny. He has an under sized penis. He tries to keep it a secret, but it eats away at him. All of his bodybuilding becomes a means of trying to compensate.

The women he’s been with know the truth and he lives in fear of them exposing him. He’s afraid to shower in locker rooms with other guys out of fear someone might notice and tell others about it as well. He walks around feeling like a man who is missing a vital piece of what makes him a man. Having a small penis eats away at his confidence and he doesn’t know what to do about it. Not only this, but he struggles with other problems in the bedroom such as premature ejaculation.

The point of this story is to give you an idea of what some men go through who have a small penis. It doesn’t seem to matter what they do to try and compensate, they always feel like their missing something. Heck, they could come out with a cure for a disease and still feel insecure about having a small pecker. They could sleep with 1000 super model quality women and live in fear that they’ll expose him for having a small pecker. He might even feel like he has to compensate (having lots of money for example or high social status) in order to make women look past his “little problem”.

You don’t want to be one of these guys. Sure, having a small penis is something that if you dared mentioned openly to other people they would probably snicker to your face and then tell other people. This doesn’t mean you have to suffer in silence though. What you can do is decide to take some action and increase the size of your penis naturally. Don’t think it’s possible? It is and all with the help of the Penis Enlargement Bible. This guide is the real thing, because it’s geared towards men who are serious about being proactive.

Think of having a small penis as going into a sword fight with a pocket knife instead of a full-fledged sword. Think of how silly this would look to those who were watching it. It doesn’t matter how good you can wield that pocket knife, the guy with the long, sharp sword is going to be the center of attention. Having a little pecker can make you feel like less of a man and as a result make you act like one. Imagine being a guy about to sleep with a women and right before you pull of your underwear you think “I hope she’s nice and doesn’t put me down for having a small penis”.

Do you want this or do you want to focus on blowing that women away? Well with the Penis Enlargement Bible you can do this once you put it to use to improve your situation. Sure, you’ve heard about supplements and other treatments that are supposed to help you increase the size of your penis, but a lot of them don’t work and are costly. With this guide you can save money and invest in proven techniques that thousands of others have already used to get the help they need.

Now we’re going to go ahead and get into what this guide is all about. Take your time and digest it. This is a very private matter and you need to feel sure about what you’re investing in if you give it a try. One things for sure, if you do decide to take a chance on it, then your life will never be the same again. You’ll come into your own as a man or should we say you’ll grow into your own.

What is the Penis Enlargement Bible all about?


The “Penis Enlargement Bible” is a guide that is aimed at helping less endowed men achieve a bigger penis naturally. The guide was written by John Collins after extensive research into penis enlargement, according to his claims. It may seem odd but a man that is less endowed typically has low self-esteem. This lack of confidence starts in the bedroom with failure to please his woman and eventually permeates into other aspects of his life.Penis Enlargement Bible

Penis enlargement has gained popularity over the years and as such, various enlargement methods have been devised and sold to thousands of desperate men looking for ways to increase their manhood size. The problem is that most of the conventional enlargement methods are potentially dangerous as they can lead to undesirable side effects. What’s more, most conventional enlargement methods are pretty costly. For instance, a single surgical procedure for penis enlargement (penoplasty) can cost anything above $2000. Add to the possible follow up procedures and you could easily spend $10,000 on penis enlargement alone. That’s a whole load of money to spend

As such, there was a need to find alternative methods that were safer and less expensive than conventional methods. Natural alternatives are not only safer, but they also cost much less than conventional methods. Penis Enlargement Bible uses an all-natural approach that is both safe and effective.

How Penis Enlargement Bible Works

Step 1 of the Program

According to the author of the guide, the principle behind the “Penis Enlargement Bible” is the same as the one that leads to growth at puberty. In short, the techniques in this guide work by imitating the natural enlargement process that occurs at puberty, making it totally safe.

The author claims that this technique is fully backed by science. As mentioned above, the methods used in this guide will simply stimulate enlargement of the penis the same way it occurred at puberty. What happens at puberty is that certain hormonal changes lead to a steady increase in size of the groin area and of the penis in particular. After some time, the growth is halted. So the methods in this guide are meant to restart that natural process and stimulate further growth. There are certain things you can do to trigger that growth process thus leading to a longer and thicker penis. In fact, many people do these things unknowingly.

Step 2 of the Program

penis anatomyYour penis has three main areas or chambers, 2 large ones on the top and 1 smaller chamber on the bottom. The medical terms for these chambers are: (Corpora Cavernosa) And (Corpus Spongisum).

When you get an erection blood fills your penis, filling all of the 3 chambers. The Corpora Cavernosa is the main blood holding tissue or part of the penis. This is where most of the blood goes when you get an erection. The absolute maximum that the Corpora Cavernosa can fill with blood is whatever your penis size is presently. So your penis can’t just “get bigger” out of thin air, it is already filling the maximum size of the Corpora Cavernosa.

But here’s the best part, your Corpora Cavernosa can be developed bigger!! This is done through proper exercise performed in a regimented fashion. You might be saying, exercise? Yes exercise. This may surprise you, don’t let it. This is why nearly 75 million men in the USA have a sexual dysfunction or problem. Because they don’t know how to exercise or change their penis. Basically, most men likely including yourself have very unfit penises. The penis functions a lot like any other part of your body. It can be worked out and developed substantially larger! But most men don’t know how to properly exercise their penis, and that’s why the average man reaches orgasm in around 2 ½ minutes! 2 ½ minutes! That’s not even enough time to take a shower! The average man including yourself, does not have control over his penis or ejaculatory system, this is because its in need of proper exercise to build control and size. When the penile organ is exercised properly, a man can truly control his ejaculations, and become multi-orgasmic.penis anatomy 2

Evidently, this process couldn’t be safer as there’s no pumping and stretching that can cause damage to the penis.

Obviously, most prospect users will be concerned about how fast they can expect results, but truthfully, that depends on many factors. It can take as little as 8 weeks for some men to see a change but generally, most men will experience considerable gains within 14 weeks. Your current health status will affect the effectiveness of the techniques – if you’re in good health, you’ll achieve noticeable results faster. In order to boost your chances of achieving faster results, you should live a healthier life by doing regular exercise and eating well.

Who Is The Penis Enlargement Bible Meant For?

This guide is generally aimed at men who feel that they are not well endowed naturally. However, you need to be in pristine health before trying out the methods in this guide. Note that you’ll also be working to improve your overall performance in bed and not just to enlarge your penis. Just because you have a small penis doesn’t mean you can use this guide. You need to be in pristine health to use this guide. The program is meant for men seeking a long-term solution to their penis enlargement problem.Get A Bigger Penis Naturally

The biggest benefit of using the “Penis Enlargement Bible” is that it is 100% natural. That means that the methods used to stimulate penis growth are completely natural. Once you start using the methods in the guide, there’s no need to be concerned with side effects and the like.

It’s also very cheap compared to surgery, penis pumps, or pills. Basically, don’t expect to spend more than $50 on this product whereas you can expect to spend upwards of $300 on pills or to buy a penis pump.

The guide is easy to use and can be used in the privacy of your home. Admittedly, the problem of having a small penis isn’t one you can easily share even with your doctor. However, this downloadable guide can be used in the comfort of your home with all the privacy in the world.

Other benefits of purchasing this guide include a 60-day money back guarantee that protects your money. This only serves to prove that the author is confident about the guide. You’ll also have direct access to the author for expert counseling. This is typically through email.

Positives of the Penis Enlargement Bible

You get quick and easy access

You won’t have to worry about waiting forever to get something in the mail. You can have instant access to the PE bible. This means you can sit in the comfort of your home and digest the information whenever you get ready.

Become a better overall performer in the bedroom

There are some side effects to using this guide, but the side effects are good. First, you get a penis that’s larger in both width and girth. Secondly, you become more of a stud in the bedroom. Your sexual performance is going to be much better as a result of using this program.

Results are long lasting so no need to worry

There isn’t anything else you’ll need to do in order to ensure you keep the results you get with this guide. All the methods mentioned are natural, so they’ll stay with you long term. You won’t have to buy anything either unless you want to keep using the supplements and herbs mentioned.


You don’t have to take any unneeded risks?

One of the best things about this guide is that it doesn’t really put you at risk. Some men are so desperate to get a bigger penis that they’ll take dangerous drugs or use weights and unneeded surgeries to get results. There’s no need for any of that if you use this guide.

Methods are based on fact and not theory

The thing is that the Penis Enlargement Bible isn’t just a bunch of theory. It has been bought and used successfully by plenty of men with a very high satisfaction rate. This means men have to be getting positive results from using it, otherwise they wouldn’t be using it at all.

Low priced and money back guarantee

The Penis Enlargement Bible is priced very low. Not only this, but you’ll be able to get your money back if you don’t like it. Right now there’s a 60 day money back guarantee. This is more than enough time to test it out and see if it can work for you or not.

Negative aspects to using the Penis Enlargement Bible

Results will vary from man to man

Even though you can use this guide in order to increase the size of your penis, some men are going to have more success with it than others. Dedication is required, but it’s no guarantee you’ll get the exact results you’re looking for.

Before we get to the final thoughts portion, we want to speak to men personally out there a little more. Yes, it’s unfair that men are judged by how large their penises are. It’s unfair that if you were unlucky enough to be born with a small male member this is going to be held against you. It’s unfair that you’re led to believe there’s nothing you can do about it except accept it. You don’t have to. Right now thousands of men are using the PE bible in order to add inches to their male member and change their sex lives and confidence forever.

The reason why this guide is so powerful is because it’s not focused on trying to sell you on concepts and theories. The goal isn’t to promise you the sky and the moon only to take your money and run. The methods and techniques offered in this guide are all based on scientific fact and will work for the man that’s willing to work it. All you need to do is be willing to be disciplined enough to stay consistent. Look, the thought of having a women you really like, have good conversations with, a blast when you’re out with, give you that look when you pull off your pants is horrifying.

When a man gets that look he knows no matter what happens from that point on, he’s lost the women. Even if the sex still ends up being okay. There’s a degree of let down for the women and you have to prey she’s nice enough to not use this against you (tell other women you might know). If you’re a go getter kind of guy, then you want to apply the same approach to trying to enlarge the size of your male member. You can do this, but only if you have the right resource at your disposal. This is what the Penis Enlargement Bible can be for you.

Final thoughts

The author “John Collins” seems to really know his stuff and speaks from personal experience when it comes to a lot of the content in the guide. Men who are serious about increasing the length and width of their penises will benefit from using the PE bible, but only if they are disciplined in applying what’s taught.

The guide is very easy to digest and use of it will lead to a much healthier sex life. You’ll feel more confident, be a better lover, and feel like more of a man. For the low cost it’s a no brainer. All the methods and techniques mentioned are based on what works, not what might work. This is what you would be investing in.

Having a larger penis isn’t about just being able to walk around feeling like you’re better than the men around you who might still be unlucky to have a smaller member. It’s not about being able to simply impress your spouse. It’s not about simply getting bigger because you believe this is what’s required in order to better satisfy your women. This is about building up your confidence in one of the best ways possible.

If having a small penis is the source of so much of your insecurity as a man, then you need to attack it head on. You need to do something about it. Heck, in many cases you just need to know there is indeed something that can be done about it. When you prove to yourself that you can make this change, how do you think this is going to effect you in other areas of your life?

You’re going to be so much more confident. You’ll be so much more pleasing to be around. You’ll want to make changes in different parts of your life in order to keep the good energy flowing. The Penis Enlargement Bible is powerful because it has the power to make you into a better version of the you that you are now and there are so many men that need this.

Plus, your spouse will appreciate the fact that you care about her enough to try and do something in order to help please her better. Let no women tell you differently, they like to see demonstrations from men that they are serious about them and really want to make them happy. Purchasing this guide and applying it long enough to see long term results is a great start. You don’t have to tell anyone else about using this guide. Privacy is just one of the reasons why this program is so powerful.

So all in all, men who hate themselves for reasons they thought they couldn’t control need to purchase this guide. So much of a mans self worth is tied to how big his male member is and how good he can please a women in the bedroom. When you see you can make the changes needed in order to make this easier to do, you’ll feel so much better. Not only this, but you’ll be able to have a healthier relationship with your spouse than what you had before. Because when a women’s not satisfied, she finds ways to let you know about it.

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