The Berlin Senate decided to oblige those dissatisfied with the tightening of the quarantine to wear masks. This is reported by The Local.

This decision will affect rallies where more than 100 people will gather. The rule will not apply to demonstrations on cars and bicycles.

The requirement to wear masks is already in effect on public transport, in shops and other enclosed areas, including schools. It is noted that the authorities of the German capital wanted to ban demonstrations altogether, but were unable to do so following the results of the court.

The decision to make it mandatory to wear masks at demonstrations was made after almost no one wore protection at recent rallies. On August 29, thousands of Berlin residents protested against the measures taken by the authorities in the fight against COVID-19.

Last Thursday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced that in the entire country, with the exception of Saxony-Anhalt, a fine of 50 euros is being imposed for the absence of a mask in public places. The government also plans to extend the ban on mass events until the end of December this year.

According to the latest data, the number of detected cases of coronavirus infection in Germany reached 244.8 thousand; 9.3 thousand people died.