The current President of the United States, Donald trump, after the national Convention of the Republican party, reduced the gap in popularity from his rival in the election, Democrat Joseph Biden. This follows a study by Morning Consult.

The poll was conducted the day after the Republican party meeting ended. Four thousand respondents were asked which politicians they would support in the presidential election if it were held now. As a result, 44% said that they would vote for the current owner of the White house, and 50% – for Biden, writes TASS.

According to the results of a survey conducted before the Congress, 42% of respondents declared their readiness to vote for trump, and 52% for his rival. The company notes that these results contrast with the reaction of voters to the democratic Convention. Then Biden’s advantage, according to statistics, remained unchanged.

Even before the national party conventions and the official nomination of trump and Biden as presidential candidates, CNN reported that according to the results of a study conducted from August 12 to 15 by the SSRS service, trump reduced the gap in popularity from his rival. It turned out that 50% are ready to give their votes to Biden, and 46% – intend to support trump. In early June, 55% of respondents were ready to vote for Biden, and 41% were ready to vote for trump.

Recall that the US presidential election will be held on the third of November this year.