The United States is considering imposing sanctions against seven Belarusian citizens who are considered responsible for violations in the presidential election and mass use of violence against protesters. About the upcoming restrictions, citing a source in the US state Department, Reuters reports.

“We have identified a group of seven people and are working with the Ministry of Finance on a package of evidence against them,” the Agency quotes the source as saying. He said that the task of the American authorities is not just to “name and shame” the perpetrators of the incident, but to show that those responsible for the distortion of the electoral process and violence against peaceful demonstrators who expressed their right to freedom of Assembly and freedom of speech will certainly be brought to justice.

On August 31, the Baltic States announced sanctions against President Alexander Lukashenko. They will include a ban on entry-this means the cancellation of official visits of the head of state.

Plans to impose sanctions against top officials of Belarus have been repeatedly reported in the EU. It is noted that the upcoming restrictive measures will affect up to 20 people. The bloc’s representatives refuse to recognize the election results and Lukashenka’s legitimacy.

After the presidential election in Belarus, in which, according to the CEC, Lukashenko won 80 percent of the vote, mass protests began. Demonstrators are demanding the resignation of the country’s President and fair elections. there were clashes with security forces, during which dozens of people were injured.