In the us state of Florida, a man killed two sons of a familiar family that invited him to stay in their home. The perpetrator was in a relationship with the boys ‘ aunt, who was pregnant with his second child at the time of the murder. Metro writes about this.

As the family fell asleep, 30-year-old mark Wilson hammered and stabbed a 14-year-old and his 12-year-old brother. He then fled the scene and fled to his mother’s house.

The state’s attorney admitted that this was one of the most violent crimes that he had ever seen in his 40-year career. The death penalty was also considered as a punishment for Wilson.

According to the investigation, the American had no motive for the murder. It is assumed that the man took drugs before committing the crime. He has also been arrested for property crimes before, but has never been involved in violence.

Earlier it was reported that the British woman, who was considered an exemplary mother by social services, killed two of her children and was preparing an attempt on four more. At the same time, she gave birth to all of them from her half-brother.