The US will consider new sanctions against Russia if it intervenes more openly in the Belarusian crisis. A Reuters source at the highest level of the us administration threatened the Russian state with such a move.

On August 27, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that at the request of Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, a reserve of law enforcement officers was formed in Russia, which will provide assistance to the neighboring country if necessary. However, this will happen only if the situation in Belarus gets out of control.

Later, Lukashenka commented on Putin’s statement. “This is not because the Russians want to protect Belarus. Look, we’ll protect ourselves. But the Russian President and I understand what can happen if we miss out, “he said, and explained that Belarus can turn into a theater of war, because for the West it is a” springboard ” to Russia.

Mass demonstrations have been going on in the Republic for three weeks: the opposition demands that the current government resign, hold new presidential elections, and investigate violence against protesters in the first days of the protest. On August 27, the country again began detaining discontented protesters, as well as journalists. The police got a correspondent of “Lenta.<url> ” and dozens of its Belarusian and foreign colleagues.

Protesting citizens of Belarus do not recognize the official results of the election, according to which Lukashenko, who ran for a sixth term, received 80 percent of the vote.