There have been numerous rumors surrounding the health of North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN for a long time. At this time, all the media attention was focused on his family members, especially his wife, Li Sol Ju. Journalists of the New York Post tried to understand how her fate might be affected by her husband’s alleged health problems.

It is unclear what will happen to Lee Sol-Ju if her husband becomes incapacitated or dies, the newspaper writes. According to some media reports, the couple has at least one male heir who may eventually succeed Kim Jong-UN to continue the dynasty. However, the newspaper notes, the young age of the children may be the reason that the sister of North Korean leader Kim Yo Jong was recently appointed the” de facto number two leader ” in the country, although these reports are also disputed.

Kim Jong-UN’s death: should we believe the rumors and what awaits North Korea?

There are few details about the first lady of North Korea. Li is believed to have grown up in Pyongyang before going to study vocal music in China. According to experts, even her name is almost certainly a pseudonym, writes the Daily Beast. The year of her birth varies between 1985 and 1989. It is claimed that her family belongs to the political elite: her mother heads the gynecological Department at a local hospital, and her father works as a University Professor. However, the North Korea Leadership Watch blog revealed that Lee Sol-Ju’s father is a military man.

The couple reportedly married in 2009, although their wedding was not confirmed by North Korean state media until 2012. It is believed that the couple became parents about a year after they married, and it was indicated that they had a boy in 2010. In 2013, NBA star Dennis Rodman, who has a friendly relationship with Kim Jong-UN, told the Sun that Lee recently gave birth to a daughter. In the same year, he told The Guardian that she was named Ju E. South Korean intelligence Officials reported that Lee gave birth to her third child in February 2017, but his gender is unknown.

Like all wives of North Korean leaders, Lee Sol-Ju leads a rather private lifestyle. However, unlike her predecessors, Kim Jong-UN’s wife has assumed a position more akin to that of the first lady of a Western nation: she often accompanied her husband to various events. Experts told CNN that even North Korean state media gave Lee Sol-Ju the title “respected first lady” instead of the previously used ” comrade.”

On July 1, the name of the North Korean leader’s wife was at the center of the scandal. At the time, it was reported that Kim Jong-UN was enraged by South Korea’s propaganda leaflets with provocative images of Lee Sol-Ju. In the pictures, the wife of the leader of the DPRK was presented in an obscene form. In particular, the campaign materials said that she allegedly starred in a porn film. It was noted that these images caused the DPRK authorities to blow up the inter-Korean communications office in Kaesong on June 16.